Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated Trucks

High UV resistance, more resistant to aging, easier to clean, more resistant to scratches, you can choose products with a certain thermal insulation function

The Runsing Super range consists of glass-fibre-reinforced polyester laminates with a balanced glass content. This versatile all-round product is suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.
Runsing Light Resist boasts higher UV stability compared to standard GRP expands the horizon in terms of image, appearance, maintenance and value. Whether for recreational vehicles or trucks.
The Runsing flameshield product family includes solutions for a wide range of flame retardant requirements in construction as well as for transport by land, sea and air. Runsing Flameshield can be configured to meet flame retardant requirements.
Runsing Sandstone is a member of Runsing Anti Slip family. It is a glass-fibre-reinforced laminated products which combines excellent mechanical properties and durability of glass-fibre reinforced composites with effective and wear-resistant anti-slip coating for indoor and outdoor use.
The Runsing Woven Roving range consists of glass-fibre-reinforced polyester laminates with a balanced glass content. The surface can also be sealed with a gelcoat layer on request for even better UV and weather resistance and a less prominent imprint of the woven roving structure. The reinforced fabric increases the mechanical strength of the product and results in lower linear expansion coefficients.
Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is a three-layer composite panel that is made with two layers of fiberglass (FRP / GRP) as top & bottom skins and laminated to a PP honeycomb core or aluminium honeycomb core. Features of Fiberglass FRP GRP Honeycomb Panel: FRP GRP honeycomb panel surface has same property of FRP sheet, to be strong, scratch resistant, high impact resistant & chemical resistant, it’s easy to clean with regular detergents & high-pressure washers. FRP GRP honeycomb panel is light weighted even when it’s made into a thick panel, for the reason that honeycomb core itself is a very light weighted material. It can reduce the overall weight of your project. Owing to the benefits of honeycomb core structure, FRP GRP honeycomb panel is rigid & flat even when it’s a big panel. It can reduces the joints and reduces the supporting frame or reinforcement needed during assembling and installation.
Runsing Insulation Laminates contains fiberglass skin and core materials (mostly foam board, XPS, EPS, PU, PET). The multi-layer structure makes it lighter, stronger and more resilient. It has been a good option for replacing the metal panels.
The Runsing Embossed Floor range features a textured surface. The glass-fibre-reinforced polyester laminate comes with a balanced glass content and gelcoat layer. The product is suitable for a wide range of applications.
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