Runsing FRP Woven Roving

Runsing FRP Woven Roving


The Runsing Woven Roving range consists of glass-fibre-reinforced polyester laminates with a balanced glass content. The surface can also be sealed with a gelcoat layer on request for even better UV and weather resistance and a less prominent imprint of the woven roving structure. The reinforced fabric increases the mechanical strength of the product and results in lower linear expansion coefficients.

Product Detail

Runsing Woven Roving IS AVAILABLE

In thicknesses between 0.8 mm and 5.0 mm

In widths up to 3.2 m

In a range of colours: RALs and customer-specific colours

With a matt surface finish

With a gelcoat surface for maximum UV and weather resistance

The gelcoat surface is also available with an antibacterial effect

With an improved surface to reduce the imprint of the fibre (plus)

Specific Product advantages: 

High mechanical strength

Lower linear expansion coefficient

Highly resistant to UV raduation and weathering

Easy to clean

Application Sectors: 

Caravan sector

Commercial vehicle sector 

Bus sector

Medical and hygiene sector

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