FRP plywood Sandwich Panels

FRP plywood Sandwich Panels


Fiberglass plywood sandwich panel is consisted of two layers of fiberglass sheets (FRP, GRP) as skins and a plywood panel as core.  It is a very strong and solid panel that has very good impact resistant.

Durable and high strength. Fiberglass plywood sandwich combines advantages of both materials. Fiberglass (FRP, GRP) is a nice finishing material that is chemical resistant, scratch resistant and UV resistant, while plywood is usually used as substrate material for its high strength.

Product Detail

RUNSING FRP plywood sandwich panels ARE AVAILABLE

In thicknesses 10mm, 18mm, 25mm or as required. 

In widths up to 2.8 m

Skin ColoursRAL and customer-specific colours

Other thicknesses, dimensions and colours available on request

Specific Product advantages: 

Skin flame retardant option: ASTM E84 CLASS A / CLASS B / CLASS C

Application Sectors: 

Building sector

Vehicle sector

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