PU FRP Sandwich Panels


PU FRP Sandwich Panels


Fiberglass FRP PU Sandwich Panel , Chiller Box Truck XPS Sandwich Panel is composed of thermosetting plastics and reinforced fiberglass for outer skin panel ,and polyurethane foam as core, better than steel products and aluminum products in specific tenacity. Products in the ultra-low temperature or high temperature will not happen brittle fracture, deformation and to prevent heat transfer. Corrosion products in the environment anti-aging,yellowing resistance,corrosion resistance,friction resistance,easy to clean. Can be instead of aluminum, stainless steel plates, tiles and so on..

Product Detail

Runsing mainly has four types of FRP panels , widely used on trucks , trailer trucks , refrigerator cars( refrigeratory) and containers.

① Vehicle roof translucent skylight panel: used for lighting into trailer trucks

② Inner scaleboard : used for refrigerator cars , ice boxlining .

 Floor board : used as refrigerator cars 、box- cars floor boards , diamond surface , anti-slip durable

④ Truck body panel: gelcoat surface panel used as truck outside skin

Runsing  FRP flat panel biggest width can reach 2700mm , the surface can be glossing ,flat and diamond finished , the surface can be sprayed gelcoat according to your requirement , considering transportation vehicle has harsh requirement for panels’s  impact resistance ,Runsing panels were carried through general enhancing and rigid testing

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