FRP flat sheet


FRP flat sheet

Product Detail

Runsing mainly has four types of FRP panels , widely used ontrucks , trailer trucks , refrigerator cars( refrigeratory) and containers .

① Vehicle roof translucent skylight panel: used for lighting into trailer trucks

② Inner scaleboard : used for refrigerator cars , ice boxlining .

③ Floor board : used as refrigerator cars 、box- cars ‘ floor boards , diamond surface , anti-slip durable.

④ Truck body panel: gelcoat surface panel used as truck outside skin.

Runsing flat panel biggest width can reach 3000mm , the surface can be glossing ,flat and diamond finished , the surface can be sprayed gelcoat according to your requirement , considering transportation vehicle has harsh requirement for panels’s impact resistance ,Runsing panels were carried  through general enhancing and rigid testing .

FRP skylight panel of truck roof : Runsing panel is of excellent avulsion resistance ,high strength , and tenacity is reserved at the same time .

Truck faceplate: used as outside skin of sandwith panel. The exterior gelcoat is of excellent durable、anti-corrosion, facepanle’s stable quality ,stable color and impact resistance exceed other FRP panels’.

Product Specifications




chopped fabric glass + surface fabric glass /fabric woven

Surface finish 

high gloss or matte


Special handling

Food safety,EMTEK certification; High intensity uv resistance, aging resistance


surface selection

smooth, corona treatment surface, frosted, hairy surface


Refrigerated vehicl,RV,Kitchen, bathroom, medical field, equipment and construction industry application.




It has very low thermal expansion and without painting



width: 3000mm



100m/roll Or Fixed

Representative products

g1-1820 / y1-1620 / g2-1818 / y2-1615/g2-31820 / y2-31620 / g3-2815 / g31-2811



Physical parameters

NOTest Project NameUnitsTest resultsTest based on
1Tensile strengthMPa124GB/T1447-2005
2Flexural strengthMPa182GB/T1449-2005
3Compressive strengthMPa107GB/T5258-95
4Shear strengthMPa102GB/T1450.2-2005
5Impact strengthMPa104GB/T1451-2005

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