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FRP panels

Runsing can produce different thickness,up to width 2.7mm of the GRP panel.Runsing FRP panel can be produced in high glossy, matte, different color.Our  production line will provide a removable clear plastic film to protect the panel when it be produced.

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1.Corrosion resistance    

        FRP panels are resistant to the corrosion of gas and liquid of acids, alkalis, salt, and organic solvent It has been applied to all aspects of the chemical corrosion.And it is replacing the carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, non-ferrous metal and so on.

2.Light weight and high intensity

        Its density is only one quarter or one fifth of  carbon steel,  But its intensity is ten times that of PVC, exceeding the level of common carbon steel.Exceeding the level of common carbon steel.Its strength can be compared with the advanced alloy steel.

3.Insulation performance 

        FRP panels is  a good insulating material, used to make the insulator .Even under the high frequency can still protect  dielectric properties well .Microwave permeability is good, has been widely used in radome.

4.Heat conduction performance 

        FRP Panels have a low thermal conductivity.It is  only 1/100 ~ 1/1000  when it is at room which  temperature is 1.25 ~ 1.67 kJ/(m. h. K).FRP panel is  a good thermal insulation material.Under the condition of the instantaneous ultra high temperature is the ideal thermal protection and ablation resistant material.

5. Design 

        FRP panels can be flexibly designed to all kinds of product structure, according to their needs,  to meet the customers  requirement, It also can make the product has good integrity.

Technical parameter


Length100m/roll & Customized

Mechanical Property

Tensile Strength≥100Mpa
Tensile E-modulus≥5860Mpa
Flexural Strength≥139Mpa
Flexural E-modulus≥5000Mpa
Compressive Strength≥101Mpa
Compression Modulus≥5580Mpa
Shear Strength≥89Mpa
Impact Strength≥90kj/㎡
Barcol hardness≥35