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FRP decorative sheet

Fiber glass decorative  panel is made of high quality thermosetting polyester resin.The surface of embossed is beautiful.The FRP decorative panel is suitable  as a permanent decoration, which can be exposed to all kinds of weather conditions.This has a low thermal expansion .Whats more , FRP decorative panel has a excellent research and development properties.The FRP panel  won't be  distortional  due to  the influence of temperature and moisture absorption.So it is the best for decoration.

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Technical parameter


100m/roll & Customized

Mechanical Property

Tensile Strength≥100Mpa
Tensile E-modulus≥5860Mpa
Flexural Strength≥139Mpa
Flexural E-modulus
 Compressive Strength≥101Mpa
 Compression Modulus≥5580Mpa
 Shear Strength≥89Mpa
 Impact Strength≥90kj/㎡
Barcol hardness≥35

1. Corrosion resistance

        products are resistant to the corrosion of gas and liquid of acids, alkalis, salt, and organic solvent so that they can avoid the problem of rusting steel and rotten wood.
2. Light weight and high intensity
        fiberglass products are molded through the solidification of fiberglass and resin under high temperature. Its density is only one quarter of that of steel, and two-thirds of that of aluminum. But its intensity is ten times that of PVC, exceeding the aluminum products and reaching the level of common carbon steel. Due to its light weight, the products require less base support and possess the features of easy installation and low costs.
3. Inflaming Retarding
        The common oxygen index of common fiberglass products is above 32 (according to GB8924). By design, the flame spreading index of the high inflaming retarding ethylene products is below 10, which meets the requirements of engineering fire resistance for safety.
4. Collision Resistance and Fatigue Resistance
        fiberglass products can resist collision and keep the original shape after repeated bending so as to be used as spring.
5. Age Resistance
        The normal longevity is more than 20 years. The research result shows that the intensity will still retain more than 85% after 20 years’ exposure to the atmosphere.
6.Good appearance and Easy Maintenance

        The color slurry offiberglass products is mixed with resin to make the color bright and difficult to fade. No painting is needed on the surface which is clean after washing.